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Bathmate Cleaning Kit

Proper maintenance of your Bathmate will prolong its working life and ensure maximum possible gains

We strongly recommend using the Bathmate cleaning kit, however luke warm soapy water will suffice but may lead to clogged valves and soap residue on the unit.

Keep your Bathmate working like new for years to come with the Bathmate cleaning kit! Removes bath oils & soap residue.

Keep your Bathmate working like new for years and years to come! Removes oils & soaps used in bath and shower and prevents valve clogging.

This official cleaning kit will ensure the longest working life and the highest standard of hygiene for your bathmate. You get everything you need to keep you bathmate clean and in good working order along with a high quality carry / storage case.

You will receive

  • 1 x Bathmate Cleaning Kit & Carry Case
  • Discreet Bathmate carry case perfect for device storage
  • Bathmate Cotton Towel
  • Bathmate Cleaning Sponges
  • 500ml Bathmate Steriliser Solution
  • Bathmate Condom Holder ( 2 x Condoms )
  • Full Instructions

The Bathmate carry case vanity bag is the perfect answer to the potential problem of keeping your Bathmates securely safe and discreetly hidden from prying eyes. It’s also ideal for travel purposes and big enough to accommodate all the Bathmate accessories.

Bathmate Cleaning Kit


Although you can use soap and water, this may eventually cause clogging of your Bathmate. This Offical Cleaning Kit/bag will keep your Bathmate in prime condition.

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Bathmate and Cleaning Kit Pack

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