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Learn how to deliver several types of intensely explosive orgasm -INCLUDING multiple orgasm

Modern day Casanovas, and narrow-minded cynics, please stop reading now.

For the rest of us a FACT: OVER 99% of women admit to having faked an orgasm, several, if not most times, in their life.

Has your girlfriend or wife done it to you?…

You probably don’t know, and maybe never will. The next five minutes could literally transform your life – leading to the best £40 that you’ll ever spend. Because you could end up being known as the guy who gives orgasms – every time.

No drug induced, financial, business or creative high can top this compliment. When you’ve learnt how, you’ll know what we’re talking about!

WARNING: Due to the highly explicit sexual content, this Multiple DVD/Book Set is only available to ADULTS over 18 years We are completely serious when we say that the women in your life will never, ever want to leave you! “How to take a woman to orgasm every time – and have her ache for more” is the title of an explosive new Multiple DVD/Book Set by leading American journalist & author Cheryl Kramer.

You won’t learn how to attract females, the art of conversation, whether or not you should talk about religion or politics on a first date or what scent to wear. There are a million sex manuals (full of waffle) on the market that do this.

It comprehensively covers one topic – how to take a woman to orgasm. You may say this sounds too clinical, too methodical, and perhaps the bedroom isn’t the place for such “rules”. Rubbish!



The surefire techniques taught are so simple, yet staggeringly effective, after learning them you can add your own improvisational extras. Fast, highly effective methods of preventing premature ejaculation are also explained. The book and 5 x DVDs clearly explain how to recognise and deliver not one but several types of intensely explosive orgasms in your lover (including multiple orgasm).

Any heterosexual male who truly values the woman in his life cannot be without this essential investment.

Although the emphasis is focused on women. This new edition also contains a chapter on how men themselves can achieve multiple orgasm (now a scientifically proven phenomenon).

Read it to believe it. Another new chapter deals with “The G-Spot”, giving full details on this elusive, and (until now), mysterious female “hot spot”. The amazing eye opening video shows both lesbian and straight couples demonstrating many orgasm techniques (too many to list), including female G-Spot ejaculation. It also includes very explicit close-ups, and is highly erotic as well as instructive.

Most men are definitely inept lovers, but through no fault of their own – it feels good to him, so he reckons it feels good to her…but it doesn’t! You can’t blame him, how is he to know any better? The girlfriends aren’t much help.

So the men keep pushing, and the women keep faking. This is your chance to be different from “most men”. Good lovers are so rare most women don’t know what one is. Just the fact that you are reading this shows that you are willing to learn how to give her the best love she’s ever had (this is no exaggeration).

After reading this book, and studying the 5 x DVDs in the privacy of your home, you’ll be a different person. You’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

Sex-wise, we honestly believe this is the best investment you will ever make. Cheryl’s method has made thousands of couples very, very happy. Here are some excerpts:

  • “Your method saved my marriage.” – K.K. New York.
  • “You have given me a power I never thought I’d possess.” – L.K. London.
  • “I have the power to drive my woman totally out of her mind – what a turn on!” – J.S. Leeds.
  • “I was unhappy with my girlfriend’s lack of responsiveness, sexually. After applying your technique she’s now a total maniac in bed, can’t thank you enough” – J.N. Herts.
  • “You changed my life! All couples should have access to this information.” – M.S. Norfolk.

And there are thousands more! When you learn to give your lover an orgasm – it is the greatest gift of love that you can give (not to mention the immeasurable pleasure and high self esteem it will give you). Imagine it. If you can do this every time you make love, she will be yours forever.

Once you’ve seen a real orgasm in a woman, you’ll know the difference between faking it and the real thing.

Order this essential Multiple DVD/Book Set today, we honestly believe sex-wise, you’ll never look back, it’ll be the best investment you’ve ever made.

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